Child’s pose takes on a whole new meaning in this yoga practice.

Day Yoga Studio is offering a class for little yogis, ages 5-8, with a four-week Kids Yoga series. Fitness, flexibility and fun are all part of the practice that includes games, stories and a lot of laughter.

“Yoga should be fun no matter what age you are,” said Devon Schmidt, owner of Day Yoga Studio.

Games like “Yogi Says” and coloring meditations make it fun, but the kids also learn valuable skills and coping mechanisms along with breath and body awareness.

“We’re giving the younger kids some tools to be able to calm themselves down and deal with stressful situations,” Schmidt said.

The COVID-19 pandemic added additional stressors for many kids whose lives were upended with changes at school and home.

“Kids have so much more stress than we think they have,” kids yoga instructor Elizabeth Hulsman said. “Many people don’t realize how much stress they deal with, even at a young age.”

Breathing techniques can help children and adults stay centered and calm.

“The greatest benefit for these kids is acquiring the tools that they will use their whole life,” Hulsman said.
Fun, friendship and fitness are all part of Kids Yoga at Day Yoga Studio - contributed
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