Whether you have been practicing yoga for years or are keen to start your own practice, it is a fact that having children can only be a distraction when you’re trying to make it onto your mat! We know from experience that finding that time to dedicate to yourself is hard when there are so many demands on your time and somehow unless we are really dedicated and focussed our own practice time gets lost in the scramble to get everything done for our family and our yoga practice is just put on hold – or invaded by children trying to ‘ride’ you when you’re in childs’ pose!

We’re therefore really excited at Destination Yoga that more and more wonderful hotels are offering really excellent yoga classes these days, which means that there are now a great number of choices. You no longer have to disappear off on a yoga retreat to enjoy a week of yoga (though that might sound like a blissful option if you can!) as these hotels have a great yoga schedule and, equally importantly, great kids clubs or options for kids to be looked after so your little ones will be beautifully cared for, while you’re blissing out. If you have children under 4 most hotels offer a nanny service. Here are some short-haul options to suit all budgets. The main thing is you can be sure that your family will be having as wonderful a time as you!

Full details about Yoga holidays with childrenis  available at the link below:
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