Finding out about yoga for beginners doesn’t need to be an overwhelming endeavour. It’s one thing getting to know the different types of yoga, but what type is best for beginners, and how often should you practice?

Well, we’ve put all the expert information you need to know (including the best type of yoga for beginners) in one place.

So, if you’re ready to discern your asanas from ashtangas (and everything in between) keep reading and learn the myriad benefits of yoga for beginners.

What are the benefits of beginner’s yoga?

Let’s kick off with why you should start practising yoga before diving into which type is most suitable and how often to practice.

It can help with stress

Most likely you’ll have heard of the ‘fight or flight’ response. It refers to the state of being when we’re faced with stress. Historically it helped our ancestors decide when to face the stressor (usually a predator) or when to run for the hills. When this happened our sympathetic nervous systems would kick in (also known as our fight or flight response), elevating our heart rate to pump more blood to the muscles we might need to fight or flee.

Nowadays, we’re faced with lower-grade but constant stressors. Think work, life, travel, a global pandemic and everything in between. Understanding how to bring ourselves back to a place of balance is a major part of yoga.

Photo credit: Yu Tsai for Harper's Bazaar
Photo credit: Yu Tsai for Harper’s Bazaar

“Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” response to life) through breath work and postures like child’s pose and savasana,” shares yoga instructor and founder of The Human Method, Nahid de Belgeonne.

“When you are stressed out, your body pumps out the hormone cortisol. This hormone is what helps you keep going in a crisis (it’s the key to the “fight or flight” response). Unfortunately, when it comes to stress levels, your body can’t distinguish between a lion giving chase and your boss sending a snarky email, which means many of us are flooded with cortisol on a daily basis. This leads to an overworked nervous system, fatigue and ill health.”

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