COVID-19 has affected not only our physical health but also our mental health resulting in stress, depression, unable to sleep properly and what’s not.

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From losing jobs to facing difficulties to meet basic needs, the pandemic has made our lives almost a hell. From older ones to younger ones, copying up with our mental problems seems to be a challenge for everyone. We all are experiencing fear owing to unprecedented times. However, what best we can try is to stay calm and relaxed. What’s the better way than Yoga to reduce anxiety?

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice with your physical body through means of body postures and meditation. It is a bridge that connects our physical body and mind to our spiritual side of the subconscious mind which has become dormant in almost all of us. It helps to open up our mind and focus on manifesting our goals in the right spirit and manner. Besides that, yoga also helps us to be fit, free from stress and anxiety and keeps our immunity system immune.

The art of yoga can be practised by anyone through modes of body postures, breathing techniques or by simply meditating. Therefore, yoga can be done in the comforts of your homes especially during the time of this pandemic.

Yoga is the perfect blend of physical and mental fitness together at the same time. It only takes some time from your day and can be simply done in the comfort of our homes.

Some basic yoga asanas can be practised but also we should not forget pranayama, meditation and Sudarshan kriya.

Things to remember while practising yoga!

-While practising yoga at home we should keep in mind that we must try it on an empty stomach in the morning at a time that suits us at a comfortable place in our house with comfortable clothes.

–  Always remember that your mind and body have to be in sync so that you can achieve maximum benefits.

– We must not forget to warm up our body before we begin. In the beginning, we should not be so harsh and push beyond our limits.

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