Here is a country that values tourism, after all, it represents 28% of their total GDP and therefore it deserves the attention and initiatives that the Maldives is putting in.

The Maldives has been one of the steadiest and most reliable destinations for travel during covid-19. The country has remained resolute with a simple entry policy requiring a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival.

The country tourism authority even launched a ‘world first’ loyalty program to make return visitors feel even more welcome with extra perks, while other countries leave lucrative and long-missed tourists with lengthy and complicated procedures on arrival.

Now, it’s taking reasons to travel to another level, with plans to offer the vaccine to anyone arriving in the Maldives. Effective today, all travellers arriving with proof of covid-19 vaccination are now able to enter without testing requirements too.

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Source URL: Travel Daily Media

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